MaCDA (Development Aid For Mothers and Children) KENYA


  1. To reduce maternal and under-five mortality and morbidity rates through focusing on safe motherhood and child survival interventions
  2. To improve the education needs of the community and ensuring all children realize, learn, grow and develop their full potential through education programs.
  3. To promote income generating activities and create vocational skills for the youth and women to become self-sufficient and reduce the level of poverty.
  4. To mobilize communities and create awareness on HIV/AIDS and other terminal illnesses and mitigate stigma associated with the scourges.
  5. To contribute to better access to quality health care services that include basic health care package, communicable disease outbreaks and emergency referral services for vulnerable populations.
  6. Strengthening communities’ capacity to identify, prepare for, respond to and mitigate problems in emergencies.
  7. Contribute to improved access to acceptable quality of care and treatment of acute malnutrition as per Inter/National standards for vulnerable populations.
  8. Promote child survival, growth and development through high impact, effective and low cost nutrition interventions.
  9. Promote community peace building and conflict prevention and mitigation.
  10. To ensure a food secure population with sustainable sources of livelihoods and good agricultural practice. To ensure access to safe and clean water, improved sanitation and proper hygiene standards.


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Core Values

Our Core Values are as follows: Accountability: MaCDA is accountable for decision, action and resources received to support community that…


MaCDA has defined structure including Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Programme Managers, Programme Coordinators, Project Managers and Support staff. The…

Our Mandate

MaCDA in South Sudan, Somalia and Kenya works with other partners in an endeavor to offer continuous response for host communities, returnees and IDPs in need of humanitarian and development assistance…


1. Reduce under-five mortality rate, the maternal mortality ratio through focusing on safe motherhood and child survival interventions …

Our Patners

In Kenya and Somalia; MaCDA does not have any donor at the moment but is sustained by private donations from the Board of Directors, friends and well-wishers. MaCDA is reaching out to potential donors for possible larger funding. In South Sudan MaCDA has received funds from and implemented projects for CHF, WFP, UNICEF, UNFPA, and UNDP.