MaCDA (Development Aid for Mothers and Children) KENYA


Our Core Values are as follows:

  1. Accountability: MaCDA is accountable to its partners, communities and all other stakeholders for decisions, actions and resources received to support the communities.
  2. Transparency: MaCDA stands to employ best transparency standards in management and utilization of resources in order to make a difference through learning, sharing and practicing new ideas and information.
  3. Networking and Coordination: MaCDA enhances operational environment for humanitarians through networking, advocacy, strengthening coordination, and systematization of information sharing and management to improve efficiency of humanitarian programs.
  4. Hope: MaCDA strives to restore hope among the people faced with difficult circumstances by empowering the soul and physical body.
  5. Compassion: MaCDA considers all people as one family in humanity and in the same spirit stands to empathize and demonstrate solidarity with those in hardship or in need.
  6. Integrity: MACDA believes in truth and honesty without compromising on its integrity when implementing activities for beneficiaries. We believe in truth and honesty, knowing that it is our integrity that builds partners’ and communities’ confidence in us.
  7. Transformation: MaCDA believes in making a positive change in the lives of people by empowering them to take charge of their destiny and eliminate abject poverty, ignorance and disease.


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